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How Long Can The Recalimed Furniture Trend Last?

  Like anything, it will last as long as people are innovative with it. What is clear to me is the over simplified designs will go the way of your grandma's wallpaper. The four newly cut reclaimed planks laying atop some chunky wood legs will be used as firewood in about 36 months. The reason is the same of why many old designs go away, they are no longer fresh and lack timelessness. With all design we ask whats next by looking back. "Mine old designs," was advice giving to me when i was trying design a waxed canvas bag line that never happened. But, the phrase always stuck with me. So whats next? and will reclaimed wood be a...

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Ciel Warehouse Super Sale

The Warehouse will be closed the next two Saturdays as we prepare for: The Ciel Warehouse Super Sale! featuring: The One-of-a-Kinds Mystery Container of 120 never seen before pieces, priced to sell quickly. + Discontinued Upholstery + Custom Mis-orders + Random things of Good Quality Preview:  Thursday, June 8   $10 ticketed, Sip and Shop Tickets at Eventbrite , the store, or the door Open to Public: Friday, June 9th, 10 - 6 Saturday, June 10th, 10-6 Sunday, June 11th,  Noon-4

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